Car Seat Mistakes You’re Making That You May Not Be Aware Of


Any parents know that infant car seats can save their baby’s lives and just as essential as any standard seatbelt when it comes to your vehicle’s safety. The bodies of babies and young kids are not yet entirely developed, thus making them highly vulnerable to the effects of a collision.

Using infant car seats reduces a baby’s death by approximately 70% and around 50% in toddlers in the event of a car crash. But even with all these benefits, a car seat is not as simple to use as it may seem to be, and even parents who are highly careful are prone to make mistakes when installing these safety seats.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you may not be aware of when it comes to your baby car seat:

Installing The Seat In Front Of Your Vehicle

Installing The Seat In Front Of Your Vehicle

Kids are recommended to sit in the back seat of your vehicle until they reach the age of 13. This little change can make a big difference and can significantly lower the chances of your child sustaining injury or death in case of a crash. Young kids sitting in front of a car is dangerous compared to sitting at the back. Making them sit in front will expose them much closer to the collision site. It will also increase their risk of getting injuries from the impact’s force and broken glass. Keep in mind that airbags placed in front of your car are also hazardous to your baby. Whether infant car seat if a booster seat, forward-facing, or rear-facing, it should always be placed at your vehicle’s back seat.

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What to Consider When Shopping for the Best Infant Car Seat


There is nothing safer than being able to transport your newborn baby in the best infant car seat installed in your car. As you go home with your little angel you want to ensure that the baby is not only safe but comfortable throughout your travel time.

It’s necessary for parents to lounge their little one in an infant safety seat to keep them safe while in the vehicle waiting to reach their destination. If you’re first time parents or even if you’re expecting an addition to the family, you’d actually opt for the best ones in the market today.

If you’re looking into getting an infant auto seat for your newborn baby, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Types of child safety seats and booster seats

Types of Baby Car Seat

  1. Infant – This seat is designed for newborns up until a certain age or weight and is facing the rear side of the vehicle.
  2. Convertible – This seat converts from rear to forward facing or vice versa which are usually recommended for toddlers.
  3. Booster – This is the seat which features reclining according to the child’s comfort to get him or her ready for buckling up on a regular seat.

Those are the different types of seats to consider depending on the age of your child. Since we are focused on newborns for now, you can either opt for infant car seats or convertible ones. Although many would say that obtaining a convertible car seat can be a very efficient option it’s up to you to decide which can be more advantageous for you and your little ones.

Shopping for the Best Infant Car Seat this 2017

Of course one of the major dilemmas of parents when it comes to buying baby equipment is on where to find the best ones and what options do they have. Finding the best can absolutely be an easy task especially when you search online for reviews and shopping guides. From here you can get more information on the following important aspects when choosing a seat for your baby.

  • Features
  • Price
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Reviews
  • Recommendations

Such information is important when it comes to buying baby equipment to assure parents or guardians that what they are buying is worth the money that they’ll be spending. Various review sites online can provide you as much information you need to help you decide what’s the best one for you.

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Drive Your Baby Safely with Rear Facing Car Seats


As for being parents and guardians, our initial concern about our kids is to be able to establish safety measures wherever they are, even if they are with us right?

When driving and traveling with kids it is recommended that they should always be seated on the safest area of the car aboard rear facing car seats up to the time they have reached the appropriate age of two or if they are at least thirty five pounds. Everyone who travels with babies should be aware of this as a safety regulation to avoid any viable danger that the kids may encounter while they are on the go.

baby safety

In the U.S. experts have updated their guidelines from the previous one as they find it more necessary to keep the children seated on rear facing car seats a safer option than converting the seats to forward facing ones. This is due to recent findings that more injuries can be sustained by kids who were seated on the front facing car seats rather on seats facing the rear side of the car. Due to this, they have also made a recommendation to have kids seated on the safest side of the car which is on the rear side for as long as they reach the full capacity of the weight limit depending on the type of car seat.

Types of Child Car Seats

  1. Rearward-facing baby seat
  2. Combination seat (Rearward and Forward-facing)
  3. Forward-facing child seat
  4. High-backed Booster Seat
  5. High-backed Booster Seat
  6. Booster Cushion (From 9th February 2017)

One of the major reasons why parents or guardians choose to upgrade the seats into the latter option is because adults feel like their kids need more space to have their legs stretched out and that would be a more comfy option for them. The truth is what parents or guardians have to take into consideration first is the safety of their kids. Initially the safety features of this particular type of seat are what the best infant seat online or offline will offer you. Take note that comfort is only next to that.

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