we are back at our most favorite place, Judys restaurant, with a show featuring two amazing live acts:

La Misa Negra:
La Misa Negra is a 9-piece band from Oakland, California that plays a unique blend of 1950s and 60s style cumbia and high-energy, Afro-Colombian dance music. Powered by horn and accordion-driven riffs, a fierce rhythm section, and a vintage Colombian sound, La Misa Negra delivers an electrifying performance that explodes with infectious dance grooves and punk rock energy.

Krudas Cubensi:
Odaymara Cuesta & Olivia Prendes are born & raised Cuban artivists, Hip Hop emcees, independent musicians, poets, theater makers & designers representing womyn, immigrants, and queer people of color as a central part of world change. The Krudas set includes Cubensi Hip Hop, Dancehall, old and new school beats from around the world laced with their extraordinary Afro-Cuban rebel hardcore feminists lyrics and indomitable voices, sounds, dances and energies to empower communities.Formed in Habana in 1999 as a trio Krudas have become a duo since 2004 and brought their raw point of view to the world. They migrated to Austin Texas, US in 2006 and have earned international acclaim performing, recording, speaking, and touring in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean until today.

+++ Well have a very special set by dj.ang.g
Ang Garcia is a social justice and event organizer, a coordinator, and a creator of socially conscience music events. Ang is a co-founder of Chicago’s People’s DJ Collective and a founding member of Austin’s Queer Qumbia en Tejas. Angs digital bins include music of many genres and it would be no surprise to find several of these genres mashed together in a typical set. Ang recently relocated to her home state of Texas. She has performed with Krudas Cubensi for over a year and is affiliated and/or involved or has played for Facing Race Conference, Incite! COV 4, Creating Change, Allgo, Amigas Latinas, Blocks together, Chicago Teachers Union, Dyke March, Venus Collective, and several other grassroots and not-for-profit organizations in Illinois and Texas.

Y como siempre, djs rAt and Carmencha will bring a the hometown flavor.

This event is 21+

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